Bring Your Sexy Back

Allow your back to indulge in a revitalizing and relaxing experience. This treatment not only offers deep relaxation but also eliminates impurities and combats acne. It includes double cleansing, exfoliation, a relaxing massage, and extractions if needed. Each step is completed with a restoring mask, revitalizing toner, and deep hydration.

Give your back the care it deserves!

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Awaken the beauty of your back with the care it truly deserves, thanks to our exclusive ‘Revitalize and Relax Your Back’ treatment. A soothing treatment designed especially for you will make you want to showcase your sexy back to the world.

Imagine a world where every inch of your skin shines attractively. Our treatment begins with a deep cleanse designed to rid your skin of all impurities and leave it fresh and renewed. Our intense exfoliation is the next step to rid your skin of dead cells, prevent acne breakouts, and achieve a uniform skin tone and texture, resulting in soft and radiant skin.

But the magic doesn’t end there. Experience a customized mask designed for your unique needs, providing hydration, blemish control, and enhanced nourishment. The result? A stunning transformation that leaves you feeling fresh, revitalized, and irresistibly charming.

And when it comes to addressing other concerns, whether sore muscles, aching back, or battling acne, rest assured, our premium massage is your ultimate solution. It is designed not only to prepare you for your upcoming triumphs in the gym but also to relieve sore muscles and treat acne-prone skin. Picture this: your once tense and stressed back now immersed in pure tranquility as our qualified experts pamper you, tailoring the experience to reveal your best, most captivating, and clear skin.


Don’t wait any longer to give your back the care and attention it deserves.

Book your ‘Bring Your Sexy Back’ treatment today and discover all the benefits our treatment has in store for you.

Why choose a back facial with us? Here are the top three benefits:

Acne Control: Say goodbye to troublesome back acne. Our specialized treatment targets and reduces acne, leaving your skin clearer and blemish-free.

Muscle Relief: Our premium massage relieves pain and tension in your back, ensuring you’re ready to conquer your next gym session and feel completely relaxed.

Radiant Skin: Through meticulous exfoliation, customized masks, and expert care, we unveil the radiant natural beauty of your skin, making you feel confident to flaunt your back in that stunning backless dress.

It’s time to bring that backless dress out of your closet because with this treatment, you’ll undoubtedly turn heads.

The facial radiofrequency service lasts approximately 45 minutes.

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Rosácea
  • Active cáncer
  • Acute bacterial and viral inflammations
  • Sensory disturbances
  • Metal implants in the area of the procedure
  • Pacemaker
  • Prone to bleedings from the gastrointestinal tract
  • Epilepsy
  • Broken capillaries
  • ANY type of blood thinner.

In addition, it is recommended to avoid treatment in areas with recent wounds, scars or tattoos. It is important to follow the therapist’s recommendations and maintain a healthy diet and exercise to maximize results.

The results of facial radiofrequency may vary according to each person and the number of sessions carried out, but improvements can be observed in the appearance of facial skin, including the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, smoother and firmer skin, and a more even skin tone and texture.

We understand that each body is different. For this reason, we personalize each treatment according to the needs of our clients.


Individual Results May Vary

Many patients see immediate results, but the more finalized outcome is expected after

3-4 Sessions. Patients with a healthy lifestyle that includes proper diet and exercise can maintain these results without worry the fat will return.

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