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Glamour Abdominal 360 (Includes back, waist and abs)

Discover our clients favorite treatment. We use techniques that allow us to eliminate body fat, tighten your skin, and shape your figure around your abdomen, waist, and back. We offer the most comprehensive integration in the market, combining cavitation, radiofrequency, lipolaser plates, vacuum therapy, and Brazilian lymphatic drainage, all in one treatment. It’s a non-invasive, complete, and 100% safe process. You will love the results!.

$117 – 1 hour and 30 minutes treatment.

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Brazilian Booty Lift Enhancement

Struggling with sagging, undefined, and untoned buttocks? Discover the solution with our 100% personalized treatment.
With the combination of vacuum therapy on legs and buttocks, along with Cupping therapy, we not only stimulate, tone, and lift your buttocks but also combat cellulite. Results equivalent to 1500 squats in just 60 minutes. Flaunt lifted and cellulite-free buttocks!

$77 – 60 minutes

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Double Chin and Cheek Reduction

Redefine your facial features by reducing double chin and cheeks. For better results, we use a combination of radiofrequency, laser liposuction, and facial lymphatic drainage massage. This synergy of techniques not only ensures fat reduction in the cheeks and double chin but also improves circulation, firms the skin, and accelerates the production of collagen and elastin, helping you combat signs of aging. Your beauty, our priority!.

$67 – 1 hour

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Intense Arm Reduction

Say goodbye to localized fat and sagging in your arms with our intense and non-invasive treatment, achieving visible and lasting results. We use advanced techniques such as cavitation, lipolaser plates, radiofrequency, and lymphatic drainage to transform the texture and contour of your arms. Are you ready to wear that sleeveless outfit you’ve always desired?.

$77 – 60 minutes

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Intense Leg Cellulite Reduction and Vacuum Therapy

Our anti-cellulite treatment for legs is non-invasive and helps reduce and prevent cellulite, combat skin sagging, and eliminate localized fat safely and effectively. We use a combination of procedures such as cavitation, radiofrequency, lipolaser plates, Brazilian lymphatic massage, and vacuum therapy. With this wonderful combination, the skin on your legs will appear healthier, smoother, firmer, and more radiant.

$67 – 60 min.

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Double Chin and Cheek Reduction Neck and Jaw

Achieve a more sculpted and defying face with the effective combination of radiofrequency, facial lymphatic drainage with jaw definition, and laser lipo pads. In addition to the sculpted appearance, you’ll enjoy additional benefits such as collagen and elastin stimulation, improved facial blood circulation, and rejuvenated skin. Take advantage of this powerful combination to enhance your beauty, renew your skin, and present a more sculpted face!.

$97 – 1 hour

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